Posted by: Carol | May 10, 2011


Today, I’m live-blogging from TEDxAmerica’sFinestCity (TEDxAFC) – San Diego, in case you weren’t aware – and this is a little different from what we usually do here. Because of the nature of live-blogging, the posts will be a little disjointed and not as cohesive or coherent in content, but we thought we’d go for it anyway, especially as this is part of the nature of social media platforms like this, and we want to fully engage with that and with you.

So, that being said, let me tell you a little about TEDx events to set the stage. The TED conference emerged just a few years back, and seized the imagination of thinkers, creators, and learners of the world. Chances are very strong that you’ve seen a “TED talk” video sometime in the past couple of years. The main TED conference is very exclusive and pretty costly to attend, though it is live-streamed and the videos are archived on its website for anyone to watch for free. TEDx conferences are local versions of these events, drawing in speakers on a broad range of topics from both the local community and abroad.

So, what does this have to do with CTE? Well, the topics covered in TED talks (local or otherwise) are just perfect and primed for application in a CTE-context. Whether you’re a CTE instructor or a core academic content teacher, TED talks reveal intriguing, engaging, and surprising ways to consider content such as engineering, design, food, music, science, technology, social work, entertainment, etc. These talks are uniquely positioned to engage the imagination of the listener/watcher and a marvelous way to introduce relevance to the educational content being presented to students on a day to day basis.

The event has already started – we’re two speakers in and starting up on the third. Please join us via webcast at this link:

If you have a twitter account, you can watch the webcast and participate in the conference by tweeting your questions for the speakers to the hashtag #TEDxAFC. Also, stay tuned here for photos and updates on the talks throughout today.


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