Posted by: Carol | June 16, 2011

May We Introduce: Van Ton-Quinlivan

Back in May of this year, Jack Scott, Chancellor of the California Community Colleges, announced Governor Brown’s appointment of Van Ton-Quinlivan to the position of Vice Chancellor of Economic and Workforce Development (EWD). Ton-Quinlivan comes to the post, with an impressive record. She is recognized as a policy leader in the energy and utility industry on the issue of workforce development. She served as the director of workforce development for Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) Company since 2006, spearheading many innovative programs, including PG&E PowerPathway, a nationally recognized best practice program focused on cultivating pathways into the energy industry. In 2010, she was selected as one of five corporate leaders to attend the very first White House Community College Summit in Washington D.C., and was also invited to join Skills For America’s Future, a White House initiative focused on improving employment outcomes for American workers and students.

Van Ton-Quinlivan

Ton-Quinlivan currently serves on the National Commission on Energy Policy (NCEP) American’s Task Force on Future Energy Jobs, the executive committee of the Center for Energy Workforce Development, the board of the Campaign for College Opportunity, and is co-chair of the California Energy & Utility Workforce Consortium. She has presented at state and national conference panels on the issue of green jobs, including testifying in front of the U.S. Senate Finance Committee ( and the California Assembly Committee on Higher Education.

The new Vice Chancellor will assume her role with the California Community Colleges on July 11, 2011. We’re excited to see what type of new ideas, changes, and opportunities arise from her leadership. For those of you who are involved with EWD-related projects and initiatives, are there any particular things you’d like to see happen? What’s worked well for you and your programs in the past? What would you hope to see improved in the future?


  1. Looking forward to secondary opportunities to build STEM programs linked to Green at Community Colleges.

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