Posted by: Carol | June 24, 2011

Saddleback College & Program Recruitment

When we at WestEd started this blog, we had a few different goals in mind, but the overarching ones had to do with finding ways to share the work and products and ideas that we were gleaning from CTE Pathways Initiative grantees and other sources. So, you can imagine that we are thrilled to be able to tell you that today we have a new kind of post for you – a guest post, written and submitted by one of the CTE Pathways Initiative Grantees, Saddleback College. The folks at Saddleback wanted to share how they addressed the issue of program recruitment. Check out what they did, and tell us in the comments – have you had similar challenges? What ideas did you come up with to address them?

Saddleback College is one of the fortunate California community colleges that was awarded the Teacher Preparation Pipeline (TPP) Grant for the past four years.  Our TPP Program provides students with an opportunity to explore the field of teaching, specifically in Career Technical areas, early in their college careers.  After the first year of our program, we realized that we needed a more innovative way to attract students to our program.

We hired one of our student alumni from the Cinema/Television/Radio department to help us create two videos, both of which explain the concept of CTE, which was still new to many students.  One video focuses on traditional students entering college shortly after high school.  The second video is geared more toward adults returning to community college from industry, often wanting to change professions.

We would like to share these videos with other CTE Teacher Preparation Pipeline Programs.

Each video is approximately six minutes long and includes interviews with several of our college CTE faculty sharing why they love their profession.  The video for traditional students also has testimonials from some of our own CTE students who focus on what they gained from their CTE programs.

Teacher Prep Pipeline Video for Professionals:


Teacher Prep Pipeline Video for Students:


If you would like more information about Saddleback College’s TPP Program, please contact Jorge Guerrero at or visit our website.

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