Posted by: Carol | August 9, 2011

UCCI Announcement

We are happy to share with you the following announcement regarding an exciting and upcoming event. The “a-g” Project is funded through the CTE Pathways Initiative, and sometime in the near future, we plan to post on our experience observing the last event presented by this project. Meanwhile, we hope you’ll pass this along to your interested grades 9-12 CTE and academic teachers. It’s really an amazing professional development opportunity and experience.

The University of California Curriculum Integration (UCCI) Institute is seeking motivated and talented high school teachers and administrators from across the state to apply for the fall institute on November 6-9, 2011 in Santa Barbara.  This institute will focus on developing innovative “green” curricula in the subject areas of History/Social Science or Laboratory Science with any of the following Career Technical Education (CTE) industry sectors: Energy and Utilities; Engineering and Design; Hospitality, Tourism and Recreation; Public Services; Transportation.

At the institute, participants will work in groups to produce integrated, model courses for use statewide.  Graduates are able to independently develop integrated courses and serve as UC Cadre of Experts members.  Costs associated with attendance, with the exception of transportation, will be covered by funding from the CA Department of Education.  All prospective participants must apply online by September 22, 2011.  To apply and for more information, please visit


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