Posted by: Carol | April 2, 2012

Save the Date: UCCI Institute, Summer 2012

Hi everyone! We know how packed everyone’s schedules can be – especially those of teachers – so we wanted to give you an earlier-than-usual “heads-up” on the upcoming Summer 2012 UC Curriculum Integration (UCCI) Institute. Our last post was about Geomentry in Construction – a fantastic example of an integrated concurrent enrollment curriculum. If you or someone you know is interested in developing and/or learning to develop courses that integrate academic content areas with career technical education (CTE) industry sectors, the UCCI Insitute could be a great opportunity.

The application will open soon for the University of California’s Summer 2012 UCCI Institutes, convening July 15-18 in Burlingame, California. At the Institutes, high school teachers and administrators meet and collaborate on the design of innovative model courses integrating CTE with academic (“a-g”) subjects. Once approved in the CTE and “a-g” areas, UCCI Institute courses are available for implementation by any California high school.

The summer session features two Institutes meeting concurrently, each devoted to its own combination of CTE industry sector and “a-g” subject area. The Institutes for Summer 2012 are:

  • Health Science and Medical Technology with history/social science (“a”)
  • Information and Communication Technologies with mathematics (“c”)

High school educators are invited to apply online beginning April 16 at The Institute is free to participants, whose meals and lodging costs are covered with the financial support of the California Department of Education via the CTE Pathways Initiative grants.

As always, we hope you’ll pass the word on to folks you know who may be interested in participating but not subscribed to our blog. Thanks and have a great day!

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