Posted by: Tom Ross | December 17, 2012

PART 3: The Entrepreneurial Incubator – Success Stories

This is the third installment in a three-part interview with Dr. Gustavo Chamorro, Director of the Digital Media Center (DMC) in the Rancho Santiago Community College District, discussing the Entrepreneurial Incubator housed at the DMC. If you missed the first two installments of the interview, you can link to Part 1 and Part 2 here.

Is there a success story that stands out in your mind?

GC:  We have many examples of successful companies that have grown from our incubator–you can read about some of them here. And I can give you three stunning recent examples: True Games Interactive, Melrok, and RCampus.

True Games Interactive, as you would guess, designs online games. They started with 2 employees, and now they are 40. They created 40 new jobs, from secretarial to designers and programmers. They outgrew us at the DMC and moved to Irvine to create their headquarters. Also part of that story, one of the classes we offer in digital media—web site development, marketing, and design—created this company name and designed an improved company logo; it leans toward the gothic and the logo represents this.TrueGamesMelrok is another example of a success story we’re very proud of.


That’s the company that minimizes energy use on a business site, is that right?

GC:  That is correct. Melrok provides energy consumption, cost, and carbon information that leads to the development and implementation of energy reduction projects. They have two main services: EnergiScore and EnergiStream, which monitor and analyze your energy use. They are now looking at using this technology at community colleges throughout the state.

What is RCampus?

GC:  RCampus provides free online educational management tools for teachers so that they can better manage their classes. It also provides services to help students build and maintain online ePortfolios to ‘easily organize and showcase collections of their work, reflections, and assessments in multi-page webfolios and matrices.’ RCampus has over 200,000 users now. You can learn more about RCampus and its free services here.


So to summarize, the incubator’s mission is to help businesses develop their ideas into a viable business. And in the process, we want to get our community college students involved. The idea is to inspire more community colleges to develop entrepreneurship programs.  And in an incubator, students get real world experience. So in addition to job creation, the incubator is providing students with the experience of what entrepreneurship is about as well as giving them the skills to become entrepreneurs themselves. And we do provide free consulting services to the community—even a high school student can come to us with an idea.

Our thanks to Dr. Chamorro.

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