Posted by: Tom Ross | March 20, 2013

California Career Cafe Announces Free Job Portal in Partnerships with EDD

Students in California have a new jobs resource tool for finding a job or checking out the job market in their field. The California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office and the California Employment Development Division are combining forces to partner with and sponsor CalJOBS, an online labor exchange site hosted by the California Career Cafe.


What does it do?

CalJOBS provides free online access to employment services 24/7 through the Career Cafe.  A student or an employer can either register or explore as a Guest here. (If you find that your computer has timed you out, click on “Register” on the Career Cafe CalJOBS page or hit the “Home” button.) When students enter through the Career Cafe site they can click on “Individual” to find themselves in “My Workspace” where there are tools—videos, checklists, tutorials—to help them locate jobs by matching them to their skills, values, and interests. And they can learn how to develop effective resumés and cover letters.

In “My Workspace” students can also customize a dashboard to help them define who they are and what they are looking for. Then through the CalJOBS site they can research job opportunities or even redefine what they can be looking for based on their own skills sets and interests. CalJOBS also provides resources for continued education through training and educational programs.

And finally, CalJOBS has economic information about labor market facts and trends, statistics, and demographics to help students see what the work world is like today.

Employers can create a Dashboard and take advantage of Recruitment Services—where they can post job openings; Labor Market Services—where they also have access to labor market data; and Education Services with a link to the California Employment Development site.

In the Workspace, employers can post openings for jobs and internships as well as review and evaluate the resumes and job applications of participating students and job seekers. The site also helps employers recruit talent, analyze the labor market, research local training programs, and evaluate which occupations are currently in demand.

For more information, please contact Susan Coleman, Project Director, at, or visit the California Career Cafe or The New CalJOBS at the California Employment Development Department.

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