Posted by: Tom Ross | August 22, 2013

New Engineering and Media Design Pathways on CTE Online

[Click on the title above to view on the CTE Central Blog website.]

CTE Online recently unveiled two new curriculum resources in Engineering and Media Design created by some of top minds in California. These projects are organized into sequenced pathways made up of nearly 100 new project-based units and 400 new lesson plans. They are cross-aligned to both the Math and ELA Common Core State Standards.

EngineeringEngineering Pathway & Project

The Engineering Pathway includes the STEM areas of Engineering Design I & II, Engineering Design III, Advanced CAD/CAM, and Advanced Robotics.

MediaMedia Design Pathway & Projects

The Media Design Pathway spans Media Design II & III, Video Production and Editing, and Advanced Animation Design.

“Cross-aligned to both the Math and ELA Common Core State Standards, these [pathways] represent real teachers’ Linked Learning projects and plans from the classroom in full detail for your use.”

CTE Online was established to help practitioners articulate a clear and deliberate relationship between academic achievement and Career and Technical Education through access to the following:

  • Professional Curriculum Development Tools
  • Professional Alignment and Instructional Strategies Resources
  • Standards Databases Cross-Referenced to STAR and CAHSEE

The site serves to help skilled educators in CTE share the work they are doing to support the balanced development of our youth both in their current academic challenges and future career interests equally. And it’s free.


CTE Online is maintained by The Center for the Advancement of Digital Resources in Education at the Butte County Office of Education in collaboration with the California Department of Education and the Regional Occupational Centers and Programs.

“CTE Online is much more than an incredible place to find and share educational curriculum and resources—it’s a collaboration point designed to bring together CTE programs and professionals.” The “Help” page will show you how to make the most of the site.

If you haven’t already done so, sign up for your free account, then click on CTE Industries under Curriculum to see the resources available to you. If you happen to be looking for resources in Engineering or Media Design, this is your lucky day.

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