Posted by: Tom Ross | December 24, 2013

New Webinar Series from the California Career Cafe


New Webinar Series for 2014

Brought to you by the

CA Career Café Team and

Presented by Rita Jones

“Join us to learn how our new Career Action Plans can create accountable measurable results for students when completing the new outcome oriented lessons on the”


Friday, January 10, from 12 noon – 12:45pm:
START with insights and tools to help students identify a Career Direction
Friday, January 17 from 12noon -12:45pm:
EXPLORE and connect a career direction to a career goal and program of study
Friday, January 24 from 12noon -12:45pm:
EXPERIENCE Try out and validate a career goal
Friday, January 31 from 12noon -12:45pm:
PREPARE and get the skills needed to land a job and complete a job search
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  1. tom,

    hope all is well and that you and yours have a great holiday.

    Thought the attached article was very interesting.

    At the end of the day, people don’t value what they don’t pay for.

    Scott D. Landow 2nd Wave Strategies 2705 Garnet Ave. San Diego, CA 92109 858-847-9090

    *”Character is defined by the decisions we make when we know no one is watching and no one will ever catch us.”*

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