Posted by: Tom Ross | May 15, 2014

No Matter Where You Go, There You Are

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High school students have a lot to think about. And a lot of choices to make. If they decide that college is the next step, a recent Gallup Poll shows that it’s not so much which school you pick but what you do once you get there.


In March of this year, Gallup polled 30,000 college graduates who had completed a bachelor’s degree or higher. The survey showed that making the most of the college experience was closely aligned with graduates’ sense of well-being and engagement at work.

Caralee Adams at Education Week sums it up: “Finding a mentor, caring professors who excited them about learning, having an internship, and being involved in extracurricular activities on campus were all strong indicators of satisfaction later in the workplace. The type of institution—large, small, public, private, prestigious or not—was not as much of a factor.”


Gallup concludes:

“The data in this study suggest that, as far as future worker engagement and well-being are concerned, the answers could lie as much in thinking about aspects that last longer than the selectivity of an institution or any of the traditional measures of college. Instead, the answers may lie in what students are doing in college and how they are experiencing it. Those elements — more than many others measured — have a profound relationship to a graduate’s life and career.”

You can download the full report, Great Jobs, Great Lives, here.


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