Posted by: Tom Ross | July 1, 2014

UCCI Institute: Apply to Design Integrated Hospitality and Business Courses

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University of California Curriculum Integration (UCCI) has joined forces with the Bay Region Retail, Hospitality and Tourism (RHT) Initiative and the Bay Region Small Business Sector to create the next UCCI Institute. It will provide an opportunity for interested educators to create three program-status courses that integrate Spanish, history, and math with the content and skills of the Hospitality, Tourism and Recreation, and Business and Finance Career Technical Education sectors.

These courses will not only meet the subject matter criteria for the “e” (Language other than English), “a” (history/social science) and “c” (math) areas respectively, but will also be designed to articulate well to community college and California State University (CSU) programs in the hospitality and business CTE sectors.

The Institute will be hosted at Skyline College in San Bruno, CA, August 4-6, 2014.

Each course will be developed by a team of six educators representing high school, community college, and CSU. These three teams will work together over a two and a half day period to create innovative curriculum.  Stipends will be paid to attendees along with some accommodation for travel. You can be a part of this exciting curriculum project by completing the application.


The Institute is looking for interested high school teachers who specialize in the following areas:

  • Hospitality, Tourism and Recreation (2 teachers)
  • Business/Finance, particularly Entrepreneurship (2)
  • History (1)
  • 1 in Math (1)
  • 1 in Spanish (1)

Travel + Lodging + Stipend will be paid!

  • $300.00 for Participation
  • $100.00 for Food
  • $100.00 Mileage / Travel
  • $400.00 for Lodging (working on room options)
  • Total:  $900.00

For more information on the upcoming Institute, please visit the Bay Area RHT.

For questions, please contact: Andrea Vizenor, Deputy Sector Navigator, Retail, Hospitality and Tourism

For assistance, please contact: Alex Kramer, Deputy Sector Navigator, Small Business


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