Posted by: Tom Ross | August 18, 2014

New STEM Integrated Lessons from CTE Online

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CTE Online just announced the launch of a new set of STEM Integrated Unit Project Curriculum lesson plans. They were written by 45 CTE and academic educators in integrated teams and added to the thousands of lessons already available online.

CTEonlineCTE Online

The new lesson plans are in the following industry sectors:

  • Environment & Utilities
  • Public Services – Criminal Justice
  • Health Science – Biotechnology and Nursing Careers
  • Arts, Media, and Entertainment – Digital Photography and Media Design
  • Engineering & Architecture
  • Construction Technology
  • Computer Programming

You can browse through by sector or view all of the lessons at once.

CTE Online is also inviting grade 9-12 educators to their 2014-2015 STEM and Integrated “Linked Learning” Curriculum Writing Institutes.

If you teach within a STEM CTE area or if you are a non-CTE academic teacher who is part of an academy or Linked Learning program, and if you collaborate well with other educators (specifically, teachers in Math, English Language Arts, or other academic areas), you are eligible to apply to help write integrated lesson plans. And CTE Online will pay you $2000.

Accepted applicants will attend a 2-day Institute in Sacramento or Ontario in the Fall of 2014 or Spring of 2015 (locations and dates TBA). CTE Online will pay for your travel, sub, and meals. Continued work on these lesson plans and projects will be done remotely. You can read more about this and apply at this link.

With an average of 2000 visits a day, CTE Online is the place where real teachers share real classroom expertise in support of CTE, STEM, Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), and linked learning models.

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